At Caliber Construction, we gravitate towards the challenge of a project. We take pride in being masters of our craft, specializing in a wide range of construction services that are as diverse as the projects we undertake. From excavation and grading to underground utilities, earthwork, and site development, we bring unwavering expertise to every facet of the construction process. Our proficiency in dewatering solutions, shoring techniques, and heavy equipment operation sets us apart in delivering top-quality results. Safety is our foremost commitment, and we're driven by innovative solutions to tackle even the most challenging projects. With Caliber Construction, our services are more than offerings; they are the bedrock of our competence, ensuring each project's success and client satisfaction.

Water, Sewer, & Storm Related Utilities

Caliber Construction specializes in Water and Sewer Line Construction. With a strong track record and a skilled team, we deliver efficient, high-quality solutions for critical infrastructure projects. Unmatched experience in deep excavations for installation of underground water, sewer and storm lines. Including PVC, CPEP, C900, Ductile Iron, Steel Pipe, and their related Structures.

Mass Excavation, Grading and Earthmoving

Caliber Construction specializes in mass excavation and grading, delivering top-notch services with unmatched precision and efficiency. With a wealth of industry experience and cutting-edge equipment, we tackle every project, from small-scale grading to large-scale excavation, with unwavering expertise and dedication to excellence. Whether it's site preparation, earthwork, or any grading needs, we're the trusted choice for quality and reliability.

Erosion, Sediment, Groundwater and Dewatering Control

Properly installing and maintaining effective erosion, ground water, and dewatering controls is crucial in preventing water pollution and soil loss. AK Cecsl certified members with a vast knowledge of dewatering that are dedicated to the installation and maintenance of best management practices to keep our land and community clean and reusable for the generations to come.

Land Development, Site Development, and Site Improvements

Caliber Construction offers comprehensive general contracting services for turnkey land development and site improvements. We preform on full service packages that include excavation, grading, wet utilities, concrete work, paving, landscaping, lighting, and power solutions, ensuring your project's success from start to finish.

Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build Services

Caliber Construction excels in Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build services, providing tailored solutions for a wide range of construction projects. With a proven track record, we offer both traditional and innovative approaches to meet your specific needs. Our services encompass everything from project design and planning to construction, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective experience. Whether you prefer a single point of contact or a more traditional bid-based approach, Caliber Construction has the expertise to deliver excellence in every phase of your project. Your vision is our mission, and we're committed to turning it into reality efficiently and on budget.

Septic System Installation and Design

Certified and Licensend in the Municipality of Anchorage and State to perform septic installation and design. Contact us for your commercial and residential septic installation needs.

Residential, Commercial, and Institutional, Snow Removal and Maintenance

We have a fleet of snow plow trucks, loaders, graders, and tractors to meet the challenges of even the biggest snow falls. Contact us to schedule your winter maintenance services. 

Gravel Delivery

Anchorage Gravel Delivery is your best bet to get heavy material brought to you!

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